• Anna Just

Why I Love My New Art Studio!

It always seems impossible until it’s done’ a wise man once said!

I have finished painting, setting up and moving into my home studio! My body is a bit sore from the painting and unpacking. Although I’m feeling extremely lucky to have such a special space.

It has a loft and French doors that open onto our garden. I’ve filled it with all my treasures and oversized antique furniture that didn’t fit into the house! Great for storage though!

Antique cabinet doubles as art supply storage!

I’ve begun to adorn the walls with artwork and photos of loved ones and images that make me smile.

My desk, surrounded by my favorite things and images.

I’m hoping having a dedicated space to work in will boost my inspiration.

Art studio with loft ladder.

Not everyone is able to have such a space, in the past I would work in the kitchen during the day.

Benefits of having a studio:

  • It gives you confidence in regards to calling yourself an artist and helps others take you seriously.

  • It’s a separate space away from everyday distractions, TV, other people etc.

  • Therefore encouraging focus and concentration on your creative work.

  • No need to pack away and reset work, wasting time, energy and breaking creative flow.

  • The space can be designed to suit your needs for storage, light and inspiration.

  • No excuses for not being productive!

On that note I better get cracking and christen my studio by creating a masterpiece!


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