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Tree of Life - Printable Vision Board

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The Tree of Life!

This beautiful symbol has been represented in many different cultures for thousands of years.

It has spiritual, philosophical and mythical meanings:

• Stability

• Strength

• Growth

• Rebirth

• Fertility

• Individuality

• Peace

• Enlightenment

I have been drawn to this symbol many times over the years.

I’m attracted to this symmetrical organic image that lends itself to being abstracted, simplified or represented in a highly realistic way.

I even designed a tree of life tattoo that is forever on my back!

Recently I returned to this symbol in my work. I have designed a Tree of life – Vision Board Kit I created leaves that dreams, hopes or goals can be written and attached to the tree.

I have found using a tool like a ‘vision board’ very helpful in motivating and guiding me to success.

Head to my Etsy Store to check out my ‘Vision Board Design.’

Thank you for reading! May all your dreams come true!

Anna Just

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