• Anna Just

The Butterfly Effect!

'Butterflies' are the inspiration for my latest series of prints. They symbolise transformation and hope. Being a fan of colour, I appreciate butterfly wings, floating around like mini works of art! In truth my garden is mainly filled with 'Cabbage' White' a species of butterflies that are of course 'white!

I wished the vibrant blue 'Ulysses butterfly 'would flutter down from the tropics! That didn't happen , so I began to paint my own! Bright and bold butterflies were flying off my paper, as my imagination took over!

Soon my painted butterflies were taking over!

The butterflies became collage pieces in my work. I explored botanical pattern making in acrylics, to create the backgrounds of my work.

The end result is a series of vibrant art prints that are full of colour and symbolism.

Check out my shop to see the full series

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