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Owls- The Beginning of Wisdom

Owls are spiritually known to guide individuals to reveal our own intuitive nature. It is said they appear in your life in a time of transition. They help us deal with things unknown 'in the dark.' They are associated with 'wisdom, mystery, messages, protection and secrets.'

Recently owls have been appearing in my artwork. Paintings often express ideas to the world, other times they reveal messages to the artist themselves. I had attempted to paint owls in the past with very awkward results.

The other day I passed a ceramic owl money box I own. Inspiration sparked. It gave me some idea how to start the basic shape for an owl, and focus on large eyes. I easily incorporated my watercolour circles I have used in previous mixed media pieces.

Inspiration for my painted owl character.

Before I knew it I was a little obsessed, painting over older work with owls. They are such fun characters that can be easily played with. I am able to experiment with techniques, colours and textures. I've also enjoyed experimenting with backgrounds.

I feel the owls have flown into my creative life just at the right time. I wonder where they will lead me. I will follow them enthusiastically.

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