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DIY Painted Paper Lampshades

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I have been painting paper lamp shades. They bring a pop of whimsical colour to a room during the day and a magical light at night. Perfect for a children's room.

I create the shades using 300gsm thick paper. I paint the rolling waves in coloured ink. Once dry I use various sized needles to pierce the paper with dancing holes. When the lamp is on the light magically shines through, giving the waves an extra sparkle.

The paper is then wrapped around a lampshade frame and held in place with glue.

I am really pleased with the results so far. My intention was to sell these happy little shades online but I am unclear on the postage costs and best way to package them. If you are interested or want to check out some more of my work head to

Painting lampshade design on 300gsm paper.

Finshed wave lampshade.

Piercing paper to create a magical display when light is on.

Let there be light!

Sparkly waves

Copyright Anna Just Art 2019

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