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Opening an Etsy Shop!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I am rebooting my Etsy shop BlossomRevival and launching my first series of work.

I opened my Etsy shop about ten years ago. Back then I mainly sold my hand painted silk scarves. I had never heard of SEO or keywords! My product photos were pretty bad! But the online world was smaller then!

My day job took over and I eventually let my shop become dormant.

Fast forward to now and my shop has had a facelift!

As I mentioned the online world is very different these days. There is a lot more involved in creating a successful Etsy shop. Luckily there are plenty of great resources available to learn the tricks of the trade! I recommend checking out: for tips on 'SEO'. Basically imporving your chances of your shop coming up in search results. There are also some great creative business podcasts such as: So much free and valuable information is shared.

Hopefully reasearching and working on setting up my Etsy store pays off in the end.

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