• Anna Just

Designing Wearable Art!

I have begun designing clothing and accessories using my artwork. It's amazing what can be done these days on a computer without being a Photoshop expert!

I applied my wildlife paintings to online templates to create my products. Certain pieces worked better than others, due to placement issues.

When I returned to my studio, I begun to paint more patterned work, with an end product in mind. Artworks such as 'Green Botanical' looked great on clothing and bags.

vibrant paintings
Some of my paintings used to design my vibrant items.

To be honest I had a dream (an actual dream when asleep!) about producing vibrant clothing, before I had come across the online print on demand site! So I knew I had to do it!

All designs are printed ethically in Canada. Many items are handfinished. Ideally I would love to support a local Australian company, so far I have not found an appropriate one. There are limited options down this end of the globe! It would be great to avoid the annoying exchange rates from US to Aud! But for now it will do!

I'm loving my latest creations! I've always been one to wear colour and mix and match accessories! I hope everyone else enjoys them too!

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