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Coral Reefs in Coloured Inks!

My latest collection of paintings was inspired by David Attenborough's 'Our Planet'. This documentary series, showcases the beauty and diversity of the narural world and the impacts of climate change. It is stunning, yet heart breaking.

Watching, I was reminded how connected and balanced nature is. Mind bogglingly, everything has a purpose and a magnificent way of surviving! (Excluding humans!)

Beneath the waves is another world!

No painting could capture, or do justice to the colours and formations of coral reefs! But that didn’t stop me trying!

Capturing the beauty of coral with inks, gouache and markers.

Tropical Fish in Reef.

Vibrant Coral Reef

Our amazing reefs are bleaching as a result of climate change.

I had the urge to create colourful representations on paper. Not as good as the real thing!

I am enjoying the spontaneous way the inks respond on the paper. Coral reefs are a great subject for someone who can not get enough colour! As I refine the picture with detail my imagination wanders!

Hopefully people will look at my work and be inspired to help protect and appreciate such natural beauty. Let’s hope such reefs will continue to exist beyond paper and ink, but beneath the waves.

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