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Becoming an NFT Artist!

Crypto currency and the NFT space do seem like another world! But a world of the future. So as an artist in feel I should at least give it a go and dip my toe into the Opensea

I think my artwork suits the NFT format, as a lot of it is fantasy character based.

There's plenty of information on the internet about how to begin but unless you are into crypto it can be very overwhelming! My husband helped me with the beginnings but the rest I have navigated myself.

It seems Twitter is the most popular platform to build a community and promote your art. I have spent many years avoiding Twitter but have now resigned to the fact I need to join. I actually find Twitter more confusing than anything! It's very fast paced and to the point.

Currently I'm trying to build an audience in both spaces. Let's see if I can become a successful NFT creator!

NFT artwork

Check out my profile and NFT collections.

Thank you - Anna Just Art

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